The EMV Chip & Your Cards

Clackamas has begun issuing credit and debit cards with the new EMV chip. These new cards will provide members additional security and help prevent fraud. As this new technology is being implemented information is being shared in the news and on social media. Here are some FAQs and answers to help prepare you for these coming changes.


  1. What is EMV?
    EMV stands for Europay Mastercard Visa and is the name for a new standard for smart payment cards which store information on a microchip that provides extra security when used in places with chip-activated readers. This feature is very difficult to duplicate with a counterfeit card.

  2. My current credit and debit cards don’t have the EMV chip. Can a merchant deny my cards?
    No. The new chip-activated terminals will continue to support cards that only have a magnetic stripe. Your cards will continue to work as they always have until you receive new cards with the EMV chip.

  3. I’ve heard about changes in liability for fraud. What does this mean for me?
    The changes affect financial institutions and merchants. Financial institutions will be liable if fraud occurs when a merchant’s terminal is chip-activated and their card does not have the EMV chip. If the merchant’s terminal is not chip-activated and the card has the EMV chip, the merchant is liable.

  4. Will the new cards with the EMV chip still work at locations that don’t have chip-activated terminals?
    Yes, new cards with the EMV chip will still have the magnetic stripe allowing purchases at locations that don’t have the updated terminals.

  5. Will I still be able to use the ATMs I have been using?
    Yes. The new cards will work at the ATMs you are currently using.

  6. Will this impact my online purchases?
    You will be able to continue making online purchases by giving your card number to merchants. Of course, you must continue to be careful shopping online. Only use online merchants you trust. The EMV chip technology will not make online purchases safer.

  7. When will I get my new chip-activated cards from Clackamas?
    Clackamas will begin issuing cards with the EMV chip summer of 2016.

  8. Will my card number change?
    Yes. When you receive a new card you will need to update any recurring payment systems you have set up.

  9. New Designs
    The EMV chip cards will have attractive new designs with specific colors for each card type. Debit cards will be red, Visa Platinum blue, Business Debit green, and Visa Business gold. Our streamlined designs will improve operation and distribution efficiency.
We are excited to begin offering this new technology to our members. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or reach out via email at