Don't waste time or money on stamps.

You’ll be blown away by how much time you can save paying your bills. If you are writing checks and licking envelopes you’ve simply got to try this—huge time saver!

Bill Pay

Paying bills is now easier than ever. Our bill pay service is offered free to members with a checking account who are registered for Online Banking. Pay bills whenever you’d like or set up payments to recur automatically. You're in control. Make stamps a thing of the past.

Bill Pay Demo 

Bill Pay Basics

To make payments through Bill Pay, you must have a checking account. You can make payments at any time and have the following options:
  • Schedule a one-time payment
  • Schedule multiple payments
  • Schedule recurring payments to occur at regular intervals

Who You Can Pay

You can pay virtually anyone in the United States. Make mortgage payments, pay auto loans, pay your cable bill —even pay the newspaper carrier. Payees that are not eligible for payment through this service include governmental agencies, including but not limited to, the Internal Revenue Service, all state and local tax authorities, collection agencies, as well as recipients of court-ordered payments like child support or alimony. However, payments to government agencies for utilities such as water are permitted. Organizations or individuals outside of the United States are not eligible for payment through Bill Pay.

Payment Processing

Payments submitted before 1:00pm PST on a business day will be debited and processed on the same day; otherwise, the payment will process on the following business day.

Save Time

It takes only minutes to pay your bills each month. You save time on trips to the post office and filing away paper receipts. In addition, smart features such as recurring payments allow you to set up a schedule to pay your bills automatically.

Save Money

Online bill pay saves on postage, envelopes, late fees, and checks. If you pay just 10 bills per month, you can easily save over $75.00* per year.
Stay organized. Your payment history is stored online so you won't have to file and sort through paper receipts. 


You can schedule payments in advance so you won't have to worry about paying bills when you travel. Bill pay reminders are also available to notify you it's time to pay your bill.
Help the environment by saving paper. With online bill pay, there are no checks to write or envelopes to mail. That's good news for you and the environment.

*Savings are approximate and based upon the average annual cost of stamps, envelopes, and checks required for paying ten bills per month.

Future scheduled payments are debited on the same day as their send on date, and processed on the scheduled payment send date. However, if the payment's send date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the payment will be processed on the next business day after the send on date.