Convenience at your fingertips. Thumbs work too.

Manage your money from anywhere with ease with the My Clackamas App.

The My Clackamas App

Access your accounts, transfer funds, or pay bills while on the go or while lounging on the couch. It’s convenience at your fingertips—anytime, anyplace.

Download for free at the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Download at the App Store.      Download from Google Play

Manage your accounts online, 24/7

With the My Clackamas App you can:

  • Check your account balance
  • Deposit a Check via Mobile Deposit
  • See if checks have cleared
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Transfer money from a line-of-credit
  • View your account history
  • Schedule payment via Bill Pay

Before you get started:

Are you signed up for online banking? You must be a current member and a registered user of Clackamas Online Banking to login to the mobile app. To get started with online banking, click here to register. Need assistance? Call us at (503) 656-0671.

Are you signed up for Bill Pay? If you want to pay bills on your mobile device, you’ll need to sign up for Bill Pay inside online banking. Simply click “Bill Pay” inside online banking to get started!

Security Recommendations

  • If your mobile device becomes lost or stolen, you can quickly deactivate access to your account by logging into online banking using a computer and changing your password. You may also contact us during normal business hours at (503) 656-0671.
  • Setting up a password to access your smartphone is always recommended to protect your phone if it gets lost or stolen.
  • Never store passwords on your smartphone. It's always best to commit these security details to memory and not record them anywhere, including applications that remember them automatically.
  • Do not download applications from untrusted sources. Only use apps from the approved iTunes Store or Android Marketplace. Never open an attachment or download an application from a persons or website that you don't know or trust.

Mobile Deposits, After You Deposit

  • If your check cannot be posted for some reason, we may ask you to submit the check again. Do so only if requested.
  • Once you have successfully submitted your check, write “Electronically Presented” and the date across the top half of the face of the check.
  • Keep your check for 60 days after it has posted to your account.
  • Securely destroy the check 60 days after it has posted to your account.
* The first $200 will be available immediately, the remainder will have a 2 business day hold.