Your Membership Shares

At Clackamas, you're not a customer; you're a member. You share in our success. The foundation of that membership is the share account: a savings account that pays you dividends. Watch your money grow at a competitive rate.

Regular (Share) Savings

Our savings accounts offer convenience, value, and stability.  Clackamas Federal Credit Union is backed by the National Credit Union Share Insurance fund which insures your savings up to $250,000, just as the FDIC does for banks.

As a credit union, we pay a dividend to our shareholders: you!  So your investment in the credit union isn't just a good place to save for the future, it's also your ticket to the other benefits of membership.

Why you'll love our savings accounts:View Rates and Disclosures »
  • NCUA Insurance means that the Federal Government guarantees your savings up to $250,000! Ask your Member Service Representative about how you can maximize your coverage
  • Easy access: no limits on transactions mean that your savings isn't out of reach
  • Free online and mobile banking, so you can track your savings from anywhere
  • Free unlimited access to our coin machines
  • Competitive rates keep your savings growing for that vacation, down payment, or rainy day fund
  • Unlimited number of extra savings accounts at no charge – you can name them however you’d like (“Trip to Washington, DC.” or “New Car” for example)

To open an account, stop by a branch, call (503) 656-0671, or click the button below to get started online!

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