Hey kids! Welcome to the place you can find out about all the great things your credit union offers just for you.

Super Savers Youth Account

Any kid who opens a Super Savers Account at Clackamas Federal Credit Union immediately becomes a Super Saver. Kids with accounts with us are super because saving money is something every kid should learn to do. If you learn to save a little bit as often as you can, you’ll be surprised how quickly your money adds up!

New Super Saver kids enjoy:
  • Super Savers Grab Box
  • Super Savers Piggy Bank
  • Super Savers Giant Check Register
  • Super Savers Temperature Receptive Pencil
  • Free access to our coin machine

Don’t forget that you’ll need a parent or guardian who is a member (and not in league with villains) to help you get your Super Savers Account set up. To open your account and become a Clackamas Super Saver, stop by your nearest branch. It’s good to bank at Clackamas!

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